So I was bored later this evening and while looking at a website that asks me to bring a trailer, I saw an older model diesel G-Wagen. I instantly thought about how would one find a way to be a bit different. I remembered an old story on Jalopnik and found the Peugeot P4. So I did a search and found If I had the money, I'd have too many Project Car Hells. Want a p4? Sure, have a truckload. I saw some older Renault trucks as well as some more vintage vehicles. Prices don't seem too bad either. I did a search in Spanish to see what I could find, found some other goodies at… The Dodge m37 trucks look really tempting. While the exchange rate isn't favoring U.S. buyers they seem to be in better condition than what I've seen so far (for the price). Anyways, have a look and enjoy. What off-beat ex-military vehicle would you buy if you had a chance?

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